putting coffee grounds in soil

10 Life Hacks For Your Sustainable Garden

10 easy hacks to make your life easier and help your garden grow!
preparing garden

Is Your Garden Ready For Spring? If Not, Do This!

Before jumping into planting your garden for spring, make sure to do these 9 things to ensure a great gardening season.
house plants sitting by a window

10 Things To Consider When Choosing Your First Plant


Choosing your first plant may seem pretty straightforward, but it isn’t. This post shares 10 important things to consider before you get your first plant.

plants growing in rain boots

9 Insanely Awesome DIY Planters You Can Make Without Leaving The House

These 9 Do-It-Yourself Planters are great solutions to make planting fun, cheap and sustainable.
plants growing in an apartment window

12 Useful Tips For Urban Gardening


Don’t have a huge backyard to grow your favorite plants? Check out these 12 tips for urban gardening to add life to your indoor space.

organic garden getting light from the sun

7 Sustainable and Inexpensive Ways To Fertilize Your Plants Organically

Want to grow your garden without using harmful pesticides? Here are 7 ways to fertilize your plants organically.

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