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A misconception about cards is that you don’t need a holiday to happen to send one. There are a number of reasons why you might want to send one. We came up with 21 reasons for sending a card right now. Check them out!

You and your friend went to Disney World. You threw up on them on Space Mountain. Send this card.

Your friend just won your Bachelor bracket. Although, you’re still amazed that Adam didn’t pick Emily, you put your pride aside and congratulate your friend on winning. Send this card.

You want to wish your best friend a happy birthday but you want to do it in snarky way that calls them old. Send this card.

Your aunt just purchased her 7th plant in the last 3 months since her previous 6 died and you want to encourage her to keep lucky number 7 alive. Send this card.

You want to let the nice, old lady in your neighborhood know that you appreciate how much time she spends watering her petunias because they really are beautiful petunias. Send this card.

You went to your co-workers house one day after work and met their dog. You instantly fell in love with the dog. You want to send the dog a card just to know how much it means to you. Send this card.

A happy birthday wish with *perspective*. Send this card.

You just want to wish your grandparents a Merry Christmas in a cute, thoughtful way. Send this card.

You haven’t seen a good friend in months because you both have been quarantining and you want to let them know you miss having them around :( Send this card.

Your uncle hates mail but you think it’s funny when he gets it. Also, maybe it’s his birthday. Send this card.

Your goldfish is sick and for whatever reason has its own mailbox address. Send this card.

Your niece just graduated from the 4th grade. They grow up so fast. Send this card.

Mark FINALLY proposed which means you now have some decisions to make when it comes to your bride tribe. The potential candidates are waiting patiently for something in the mail. Send this card.

You can’t make it home for Hannukah this year because you’re still wrapping up final exams. The least you can do is send your Bubbee a card. Send this card.

Last week, you hosted a murder mystery party and although your team didn’t win, Deborah brought over some of the best guacamole you’ve ever had in your life. You actually get emotional just thinking about it and you want her to know just how special it was. Send this card.

You want to wish your dad “happy father’s day” while also reminding him how just much of a legend you are. Send this card.

You want to tell someone you REALLY love them. Send this card.

Your friend moved to Lincoln City, Oregon 6 years ago to become a botanist. You live in Dahlonega, Georgia working at your parent’s sandwich shop. You miss your friend. However, you don’t want to tell her you miss her in a sappy way and you’d rather go the sarcastic route. Send this card.

You are a giraffe and it’s mother’s day. Send this card.

Every morning for one year, you texted your friend Aaron “good morning sunshine :)”. It’s been 6 years since you’ve done this but you think it’d be funny to confuse him. Without writing anything on it, send this card.

Your friend Gunther tweets a frowny face after news just broke that Coachella may be cancelled for the second year in a row. You want him to know he’s not alone. Send this card.

We hope you got a chuckle and/or inspiration from these 21 reasons for sending a card right now. Make sure to check out our whole collection and let us know which one you’re sending and why you’re sending it!

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