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Shop our Mother's Day collection to find the perfect card for your special someone. Let your mom know how much you love her with a card that grows wildflowers! Feel good knowing every card is made with recycled paper and every order plants a tree.

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Blooming Mom 5 for $20
Cute Root Blooming Mom
Sale price$4.99
Save $5.00
Mother's Day Variety 5-Pack
Cute Root Mother's Day Variety 5-Pack
Sale price$19.99 Regular price$24.99
Mother's Day Flowers 5 for $20
Yorchid 5 for $20
Cute Root Yorchid
Sale price$4.99
No Grandkids Yet 5 for $20
Cute Root No Grandkids Yet
Sale price$4.99
Best Friend + Great Mom 5 for $20
I Turned Out Fabulous 5 for $20
Raisin Me 5 for $20
Cute Root Raisin Me
Sale price$4.99
Letter Tiles 5 for $20
Cute Root Letter Tiles
Sale price$4.99
Mom, Mom, Hey Mom 5 for $20
Cute Root Mom, Mom, Hey Mom
Sale price$4.99
With All My Heart 5 for $20
Cute Root With All My Heart
Sale price$4.99
My Favorite Plant Lady 5 for $20
Rainy Days 5 for $20
Cute Root Rainy Days
Sale price$4.99
And A Husband 5 for $20
Cute Root And A Husband
Sale price$4.99
Wine Stain 5 for $20
Cute Root Wine Stain
Sale price$4.99
Baby Giraffe 5 for $20
Cute Root Baby Giraffe
Sale price$4.99

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