When Everything is Digital, Try Handwritten Letters

According to gurus, a perfectly crafted email template here, a scheduled call there, and boom you’ve closed the deal.

That sounds great, but there’s one problem: there’s no authenticity.

Not only that, but it’s tough to stand out in someone’s inbox that’s already overflooded with similar pitches from probably similar companies–all asking to “hop on a call for 15 minutes” to talk about their goals.

So what’s the solution?  A handwritten letter.

When everyone is preaching digital and moving clients into automated funnels with chat robots, it might be time to actually move backward in time and show customers some good ole’ fashioned effort with snail mail.

Think about it.  

  • Less competition for customer attention
  • More meaningful impact
  • 99.9% open rate (with handwritten envelopes)

It’s like playing in a newly discovered ocean again.  Back in 2011 when digital marketers first took the leap and started spending big on Facebook ads, they were getting clicks for less than $0.02.  Of course, those numbers have since skyrocketed as everyone and their grandma decided to market on the platform. Same thing happened to Google.  It’s inevitable when the latest wave of marketers find a new platform or trend.

With snail mail, however, the opposite happened.  Since 2001, the overall sending volume has fallen 43%. Back then, the average person received 34 pieces of mail per week.  That number has fallen to just under 10–likely all marketing hogwash.

That’s sad for the demise of the post office but great for the effect of your handwritten letter.  Especially when you can tap into some emotional sentiment.

According to the Office of Inspector General, 75% of survey respondents said receiving personal mail “made them feel special.”

If 75% of online ads or cold emails made consumers “feel special” we would be 100x-ing our marketing budget. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and for a reason.

With letters, every word is carefully thought out and meaningfully written.  That effort won’t go unnoticed to your customers. ‌Especially if what you write gives value.  With Cute Root’s service, all your letters give value‌ no matter what you say as your recipients can plant them in the ground and grow living plants from them.  Now it’s not only meaningful but memorable too.

Regardless, Cute Root isn’t needed to give your customers a thoughtful handwritten letter.  We just make it easy.

If you want to start wowing your customers in a simple way, handwritten letters are perfect and now is the time.  With the tide shifting away from snail mail faster every day, it might be the most effective time to try it out.

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