Sending You a Hug 5-Pack

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About this pack

Our Sending You a Hug 5-Pack is made with 100% recycled seed paper. Grab your pack today and watch as your handwritten notes grow into a garden of wildflowers for your lucky recipients.

Cute Root cards are an unforgettable way to share special moments with your favorite people—while being sustainable. Watch your recipient light up when they realize your meaningful words can grow into a garden of wildflowers.

What do Cute Root cards grow?

Our cards contain a non-invasive wildflower seed mix that grows Alyssum, Catchfly, Siberian Wallflower, Black-Eyed Susan and Baby Blue Eyes!

Does every card come with instructions?

Yes! On the back of every card there are detailed instructions so the recipient knows exactly how to grow their wildflowers. In addition, we have instructions online at

Card details

4.25 x 5.5" Folded Cards with Blank Inside

Embedded with Plantable Wildflower Seeds

Seeds Last Up to 3 Years

Made with 100% Biodegradable Material

Every order plants a tree.

Our customers have helped us plant 30799 trees and offset 10.5 tons of carbon through our partner Ecologi. Your order is a direct contribution to our growing forest.

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Customer Reviews

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Vince DiPietro
Great service, great product!

I had a great experience both from a customer service perspective, and the wonderful cards themselves. I will be buying from this company again, and I recommend them to anyone.

Mona Miller
LUV these cards!

Very cure, heavy weight cards, and they really do produce lovely flowers!! WIn-Win-Win!!

Geomary Diaz Negron
The cutest and sweetest gift!

The cards are amazing quality and so gorgeous. Love this company!

I make it a point to get these cards!

I love these cards, as they give twice—first when they receive them,then when they plant them, and are greeted with wonderful flowers later!

Mauri S
Lovely cards!

The cards are high quality and very pretty -- good variety also. I'm looking forward to sending this sustainable card to friends and family!