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Butterfly 8 Pack
Vince DiPietro
Great service, great product!

I had a great experience both from a customer service perspective, and the wonderful cards themselves. I will be buying from this company again, and I recommend them to anyone.


These are probably the most thoughtful cards on the market. They are my go to to give people memories.

My Favorite Plant Lady
Samantha Penn
So cute

I have not yet planted these but these are perfect and a great gift! So cute would recommend to everyone

Mystery 3-Pack
Virginia Vogt
Already sprouting

I sent a card to my granddaughter and she’s started seeing sprouts within the first week! They are still in the window, but she is excited to see what grows! Great value and very unique! I’m looking for reasons to send more!

Custom Card
Christina Tammaro

I ordered these to send out to clients for my business, and they are perfect!

Mystery 3-Pack
Teri West
love the cards

love the varieties you offer

Sending You A Hug
Caitlin Corbett

Best cards ever!

Blue Botanical
Paula Garza
Sympathy card

They loved their card. I’ll continue to order from you.

Happ-Bee Valentine's Day
Danielle Pesente
A card for every occasion

My only go-to for cards! Original designs, they will send them for you AND they’re plantable.. absolutely awesome ❤️🌷.

Wishing You Peace
Bernadette McGill

Both recipients loved their cards and are super excited to grow the beautiful flowers!!

Cauliflower Pizza
Melissa Peters
Neat idea

Such a fun gift to give for those who love growing flowers!

LUV these cards!

Very cure, heavy weight cards, and they really do produce lovely flowers!! WIn-Win-Win!!

Mystery 3-Pack
Pam Kingsbury
Can’t Go Wrong With Cute Root

Every card is the perfect gift for someone and every card is good for the planet.

Love Love Love
Robert Taylor
Valentines cards

My cards I ordered were a great gift to those I sent out to

Happ-Bee Valentine's Day
Colleen Letourneau
They made it right

I ordered a Valentines card and it shipped on 2/3/23. The week of 2/20/23 I checked with my sister-in-law who said she never got it. I sent a message and got a reply that it still shows it’s out for delivery but may also have been lost in the mail so they offered to send another and asked if I’d like something different since the holiday had passed. A few days later my sister-in-law sent a message that she got the card and absolutely loved it since she loves wildflowers ❤️ Thank you cute root!

This Just Sucks
Kristen Day
I love these cards!

These have become my go to cards. They are SO easy to send and people really enjoy the flowers they can plant. 12/10 would recommend

Floral Letters
Maddie T
So Good !!

These thank you cards were so well received they brought them back to me to show me and tell me where they were planting them.

Avocado Party
Danielle Pesente

Love these cards!!

Assorted Botanical 8-Pack
Geomary Diaz Negron
The cutest and sweetest gift!

The cards are amazing quality and so gorgeous. Love this company!

I make it a point to get these cards!

I love these cards, as they give twice—first when they receive them,then when they plant them, and are greeted with wonderful flowers later!

Lovely cards!

The cards are high quality and very pretty -- good variety also. I'm looking forward to sending this sustainable card to friends and family!

Reminder In Writing
Robert Taylor
Cute root

The cards are such a unique gift to give away. Can not wait to give them away and then to follow along with the friends I give them to as they go through the process of growing the flowers

Birthday cards (3)

All 3 recipients loved their cards! Thank you!

Mystery 3-Pack
Morney Duncan
So cute!

So helpful to the universe for the giver and the receiver!

Red Botanical
Michelle Daigle

I always find that this small gift I send to friends that have lost a pet, gives a huge amount of joy in that they can plant these perennial seeds and remember their beloved furbaby when the flowers return year after year! And as an extra bonus, a tree is planted. LOVE LOVE LOVE Cute Root!