Elderflower Candle

$30.00 $35.00

Ceramic Tumbler11 Oz. Natural Soy Wax60-80 Hour Burn

Elderflower's floral tones embody grassy, lemony hints to give this candle the smell of summer's blooming fields.

Why is it a ceramic vessel?

At Cute Root, we make products that can be reused, recycled, or repurposed. That's why we pour our candles in ceramic tumblers that can be reused as little planters. It's a double-win: first a candle, then a garden.

Candle details

11 oz. Natural Soy Wax

Burn Time 60-80 Hours

Re-usable Ceramic Tumbler as a Planter

Every order plants a tree.

Every order plants a tree to offset carbon emissions for years to come.

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