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The Top Five Best Services to Send Cards Online

The art of writing and mailing greeting cards has seemingly gotten lost in the modern era. You can thank the invention of the internet and social media for that one.  However, the practice is not dead.  It's just different.

Nowadays, there are a handful of websites and apps that allow you to send cards onlinewithout lifting a pen.  That means you can write your message, just like you would a text message or email, and the companies will physically send a real greeting card to your desired recipient.

It doesn't only make your life easier by saving time, but it also can be a great way to get unique greeting cards not commonly found in stores.

The first company is a great example of what that means.


1. Cute Root

Cute Root Cards

Why We Like It: Your recipients can plant their card and it will grow into a living herb, wildflower, or vegetable.

Price: $6.99

Cute Root's cards are 100% biodegradable and embedded with seeds from herbs, vegetables or wildflowers.Then, when your recipient receives their personalized card from you, they can literally make your thoughtful words come to life by tearing off a piece of their card and planting it.  It's such a cute—and eco-friendly—idea that will easily leave a lasting impression on your recipient.


2. Postable

Why We Like It: You can change the font of your card, schedule delivery, and browse a wide array of designs from independent artists.

Price: $3.99.

Postable started as an easy way to build an address book and quickly pivoted to sending physical greeting cards for their visitors after sourcing designs from thousands of independent artists.  They have a great interface for sending cards online if you just want to send a simple, plain paper greeting card.  It's also pretty cheap coming in at just $3.99 for sending a single card.


3. The Greeting Card Shop

Why We Like It: You can add photos, text, and other elements to fully customize what the inside of your card will look like.

Price: $1.99.

The Greeting Card Shop has been around for a while and easily provides the cheapest service to send cards online. While the card designs and occasions are fairly limited to one type of style, you have the ability to fully customize the insides of each card.  In addition, the mobile editor to personalize cards seems a little slow and clunky for those looking to quickly personalize their cards.


4. Felt App

Why We Like It: The ability to add extra panels makes your cards truly have a premium feel. Since this level of customization isn't possible in stores, it's an awesome way to show someone you care with style.

Price: $2.00.

Felt got its claim to fame from the hit TV show Shark Tank in 2016 after three attempts from its founder, Tomer Alpert.  Since then, the app has continued to grow and now offers gifts to send alongside the personalized card.  From a user point of view, the app allows you to "handwrite" the cards by drawing on your phone.  While this adds length and difficulty to the card-sending process, it also adds a layer of authenticity to your cards since it is actually your penmanship.


5. Handwrytten

Why We Like It: Your message is "handwritten" with real ink by robots with pens.

Price: $3.25.

Handwrytten is the route to go if you want real ink from pens on your cards instead of printed letters.  The handwriting robot army that Handwrytten uses can also be used to automate thank you cards, birthdays, and other holidays for both personal and business use. Their cards are not as unique as some of the other options but they offer a wide variety of occasions none the less.



Hopefully, our breakdown has provided you with enough information to help you reach a decision.  All of these services do very similar things, but it's important to know the differences between each one so you can find the one that works for you.  One thing's for sure, though: Your recipient will love the feeling of getting a personalized card in the mail.